Custom Neodymium Ring Magnet for Motor and Speaker

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Dimensions: 28mm OD x 12mm ID x 4mm H or Customized

Material: NdFeB

Grade: N48H or N35-N55, N33M-N50M, N30H-N48H, N30SH-N45SH, N30UH-N40UH, N30EH-N38EH,N32AH

Magnetization Direction: Axially

Br:1.36-1.42 T, 13.6-14.2kGs

Hcb:≥ 1026kA/m, ≥ 12.9 kOe

Hcj: ≥ 1273 kA/m, ≥ 16 kOe

(BH)max: 358-390 kJ/m³, 45-49 MGOe

Max Operating Temp: 120 ℃

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Neodymium is a ductile and malleable silvery-white metal. Neodymium is strongly paramagnetic. The major application of neodymium is in high-strength permanent magnets based on Nd2Fe14B that are used in high-performance electric motors and generators, as well as in spindle magnets for computer hard drives and wind turbines. Neodymium magnets are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and grades.Ring magnets are like discs or cylinders, but with a center hole.

Ring NdFeB Magnet Characteristics

1. High Operating temperature

The N48H neodymium ring magnets have excellent temperature resistance. For the NH series NdFeB magnets, the maximum operating temperature can reach 120 ℃.


Neodymium Material

Max. Operating Temp

Curie Temp

N35 - N55

176°F (80°C)

590°F (310°C)

N33M - N50M

212°F (100°C)

644°F (340°C)

N30H - N48H

248°F (120°C)

644°F (340°C)

N30SH - N45SH

302°F (150°C)

644°F (340°C)

N30UH - N40UH

356°F (180°C)

662°F (350°C)

N30EH - N38EH

392°F (200°C)

662°F (350°C)


428°F (220°C)

662°F (350°C)

2. Physical and Mechanical Characteristics


7.4-7.5 g/cm3

Compression Strength

950 MPa (137,800 psi)

Tensile Strength

80 MPa (11,600 psi)

Vickers Hardness (Hv)


Electrical Resistivity

125-155 μΩ•cm

Heat Capacity

350-500 J/(kg.°C)

Thermal Conductivity

8.95 W/m•K

Relative Recoil Permeability

1.05 μr

3. Coating / Plating

Options: Ni-Cu-Ni, Zinc (Zn) , Black Epoxy, Rubber, Gold, Silver, etc.


4. Magnetic Direction

Ring magnets are defined by three dimensions: Outer Diameter (OD), Inner Diameter (ID), and Height (H).
The magnetic direction types of ring magnets are axially magnetized, diametrically magnetized, radially magnetized, and multi-axially magnetized.


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