Ordering Questions

1. I need a special ?

We are a professional manufacturer of neodymium magnets more than 22 years, we have custom make and offer OEM/ODM mode.

2. How long is your delivery time?

Sample needs about 5 days,  mass production time needs about 20 days.

3. Do you provide samples ? Is it free or extra ?

Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge if we have magnet stock.

4. What format of the file do you need if I want my own design?


5. How to judge the grade for magnet?

Tell working temperature and other specification you need. We can produce the magnet according your demands, all are can be solved by our engineers.

Where can magnets be used?

1. Types of wind turbines.
2. Packaging and packaging industry: cloths, bags, boxes, cartons and so on.
3. Electrical appliances: speakers, earphones, motors, microphones, electric fan, computer, printer, TV and so on.
4. Mechanical control, automation equipment, new energy vehicles.
5. LED lighting.
6. Sensor control,sports equipment.
7. Crafts and aviation fields.
8. Washroom: toilet, bathroom, shower, door, closure, doorbell.
9. Holding pictures and papers, other something to the refrigerator.
10. Holding pins/badges through clothing instead of using pins.
11. Magnetic toys.
12. Jewelry magnetic Accessories.

Anyway, in all life, you can use the magnets, kitchen, bedroom, office, dining room, education.

What is the difference between the different platings and coatings?

Choosing different coatings does not affect the magnetic strength or performance of the magnet, except for our Plastic and Rubber Coated Magnets. The preferred coating is dictated by preference or intended application. More detailed specifications can be found on our Specs page.

Nickel is the most common choice for plating neodymium magnets. It is a triple plating of nickel-copper-nickel. It has a shiny silver finish and has good resistance to corrosion in many applications. It is not waterproof.

Black nickel has a shiny appearance in a charcoal or gunmetal color. A black dye is added to the final nickel plating process of the triple plating of nickel.
NOTE: It does not appear completely black like epoxy coatings. It is also still shiny, much like plain nickel-plated magnets.

Zinc has a dull gray/bluish finish, that is more susceptible to corrosion than nickel. Zinc can leave a black residue on hands and other items.

Epoxy is a plastic coating that is more corrosion-resistant as long as the coating is intact. It is easily scratched. From our experience, it is the least durable of the available coatings.

Gold plating is applied over the top of standard nickel plating. Gold-plated magnets have the same characteristics as nickel-plated ones, but with a gold finish.