N52 Cylinder Neodymium Magnet NdFeB magnetic Rod

Short Description:

Dimensions: 8mm Dia. x 25mm thick

Material: NdFeB

Grade: N52

Magnetization Direction: Axial

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Dimensions: 8mm Dia. x 25mm thick
Material: NdFeB
Grade: N52
Magnetization Direction: Axial
Hcb:≥ 836 kA/m, ≥ 10.5 kOe
Hcj: ≥ 876 kA/m, ≥ 11 kOe
(BH)max: 389-422 kJ/m3, 49-52 MGOe
Max Operating Temp: 80 °C
Certificate: RoHS, REACH

D8-cylinder-neodymium-magnet (6)

Product Description

D8-cylinder-neodymium-magnet (4)

The length of a bar / cylinder magnet is greater than its diameter. This allows the magnets to produce very high levels of magnetic force from a relatively small surface pole area. These magnets have a high 'Gauss' value because of their large magnetic lengths and deep magnetic field depth, making them ideal for activating Hall effect sensors in reed switch, safety, and counting applications. They are also ideal for educational, research, and experimental uses.


Neodymium Magnet


D8 x25 mm or as per customers' request


Cylinder / Customized


N52 or Customized


NiCuNi / Customized

Size Tolerance

± 0.02mm - ± 0.05mm

Magnetization Direction

Axial Magnetized / Diametrally Magnetized

Max. Working

80°C (176°F)

Cylinder Neodymium Magnet Advantages



The most powerful permanent magnet, offers a great return for cost & performance, have the highest field / surface strength (Br), high coercive force (Hc), can be easily formed into various shapes and sizes.

D8-cylinder-neodymium-magnet (5)

2.World's most precise tolerance

NdFeB magnets are highly accurate, with tolerances of ±0.02mm~±0.05mm.


3.Coating / Plating

The problem with neodymium magnet is that it is prone to corrosion.
Over time, it will corrode after exposure to oxygen and moisture. Fortunately, there are coatings available for neodymium magnets. The coating is a protective barrier, and all shapes of magnets are coated with a nickel layer that prevents rusting.

Regular coating: Nickel (NiCuNi), Zinc, Black Epoxy, Rubber, Gold, Silver, etc.

cylinder-neodymium-magnet-magnetic direction

4.Magnetic Direction: Axial

The magnetized direction of cylinder magnet are .
Cylindrical magnets are generally divided into axially magnetized and diametrically magnetized, such as D8 x H25mm, 25mm direction magnetization that is axial magnetization, also known as large surface magnetization or end magnetization, 8mm direction magnetization that is radial magnetization.

Packing & Shipping

Packaging: Iron box, Carton, Pallet, or as per customers' request
Shipping: Express (TNT, DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc), Air, Sea, Railway.


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