Custom special bread shaped N55 neodymium magnet for motor

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Dimensions: R24.6X14.03X10.12X7.44mm

Material: NeFeB

Grade: N55 or custom

Magnetization Direction: Thru thickness 3mm

Br:1.44-1.50 T, 14.4-15.0 kGs

Hcb:1025 kA/m,12.9 kOe

Hcj: 875 kA/m, 11 kOe

(BH)max: 398-430 kJ/m³, 51-55 MGOe

Max Operating Temp: 80

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In today's fast-paced world, a wide range of technological advancements has fueled the demand for higher-performing motors across various industries. One such breakthrough is the development of custom special bread-shaped N55 neodymium magnets. These innovative magnets have created a significant buzz due to their exceptional strength, unique design, and numerous benefits they offer to the motor industry.


N55 neodymium magnets are a subtype of neodymium magnets renowned for their robust magnetic field and superior performance. With an N55 rating, these magnets possess an extremely high magnetic energy product, making them substantially more powerful than their counterparts. The distinctive bread-shaped design adds to their appeal, enabling efficient integration into motor systems with minimized air gaps and enhanced magnetic flux.

Benefits of N55 Bread-shaped NdFeB Magnet

1.Increased Power Density: The strong magnetic field generated by N55 neodymium magnets allows motors to deliver higher torque and power density. This translates into improved performance and efficiency in diverse applications such as electric vehicles, industrial machinery, and renewable energy systems.

plications that require stronger magnetic forces.


2.Enhanced Reliability: With their exceptional magnetic properties, these magnets offer enhanced stability, reducing the risk of demagnetization, and ensuring long-term reliability of motor systems. This aspect is vital in critical operations like medical equipment and aerospace technology, where downtime is not an option.


3.Compact Design: The bread-shaped design of N55 neodymium magnets enables precise fitting within motor systems, ensuring optimal space usage. This aspect is particularly valuable in portable electronics, robotics, and automotive industries where compactness is vital.


4.Energy Efficiency: The superior magnetic properties of N55 neodymium magnets enable motors to operate at higher efficiencies, minimizing energy loss and reducing overall power consumption. This not only contributes to cost savings but also aligns with the global push for sustainable technologies.


4.Versatile Applications: From electric motors and generators to magnetic bearings and actuators, the versatility of N55 neodymium magnets allows for their integration across a wide range of motor systems. Their usage also extends to emerging technologies like magnetic levitation trains and wind turbines, where high-performance magnets are crucial for success.

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